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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

HACIENDA Big Red & Barbacoa out today on CD, VINYL & digital

Like the classic combo it’s named after, Hacienda’s latest album is a hunk of comfort food, golden-age rock ’n’ roll delivered with no irony and only minimal modern embellishment: Think a roadside stand where the real-deal cabeza de vaca’s been slow cooking less than 10 feet away from the kitchen door, not Chipotle’s renamed brisket in a rock ’n’ roll burrito wrapper. Unlike that time-honored titular heartstopper, however, Hacienda’s 36-minute Barbacoa has had all its fat trimmed away, and is even better for it. — Jeremy Martin / San Antonio Current

So many garage rock groups sound not only similar to each other, but far too similar to their inspirations on the Nuggets and Pebbles collections. Not HACIENDA – the San Antonio quartet is certainly stuck on the 60s, but has a palette that encompasses more than just simplified rip-offs of the ROLLING STONES and the BYRDS. For these young men (three brothers and a buddy), the BEACH BOYS (“I Keep Waiting”), LINK WRAY (“Big Red”) and the Stax/Volt soul sound (“Who’s [sic] Heart Are You Breaking”) loom as large in the musical galaxy as anybody with Vox gear. There’s plenty of BOOKER T. & THE MGS grooves and SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET organ thrown in there as well. — Michel Toland / Big Takeover

There’s something about the close vocal harmonies of a family band that you just can’t beat–whether it’s the Everly brothers of Bowling Green, Kentucky, the Wilson brothers of Hawthorne, California, or the Villanueva brothers of San Antonio, Texas. — Geoffrey Himes / Sonic Boomers
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