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Sunday, January 27, 2008

SSM - New York Times

New York Times review of "Break Your Arm For Evolution" :
The kind of distortion that edges the vocals and most of the instruments on the album “Break Your Arm for Evolution” (Alive) tags SSM as garage-rock or psychedelia, and most of the songs would go nicely with a liquid-blob light show. But this three-man band — John Szymanski on keyboards, Dave Shettler on drums and Marty Morris on guitar — doesn’t stay within any particular school or era. SSM also toys with electro, progressive rock and punk-funk. What the songs share is a cantankerous rock spirit and, behind it, musings on life and death, from “Let’s Make a Baby” to thoughts like “Before long you’re gone, so prolong the inevitable” — which is tucked into a song called “Start Dancing.” -- Jon Pareles

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