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Thursday, March 20, 2008

RON FRANKLIN - Music Filter

Ron Franklin

“Born on a road trip, a rest stop”, Ron Franklin sings and plays music that you may expect from that type of statement….raw, southern, dylan’esqe and garage rock re-defined as such. It’s not very often I buy a CD anymore sounds unheard, but I’ve learned over time that the guys over at Alive Records have an ear for special music, so after reading their bio on Mr. Franklin I took a chance and bought his self titled CD after a night of bourbon and cokes.

Since I’ve received this CD, it has not left my player. I take it from the home system to the car, whichever I am set to be in for a while and let it play over and over. While the info on this CD isn’t on any online database as of yet, I manually inserted all the track info and synced it to my iTouch. This is the type of music you want easy access to at all times. I’ve already did some research and found he has more music out there which I quickly ordered and has new set of songs coming out soon. I’m not the type that anal-izes an artists lyrics and that holds true for Ron Franklin. All I know is when I listen to his music and words it makes me good. It is music for all moods. Sometimes it makes me want to roll my window down, light a smoke and tap my foot to every beat, other times it makes me want to cry. Ron Franklin plays EmOtIoNaL music. For me that is what music is all about; feeling emotion when you hear it.

If you like good songwriting, music you can feel and are in desperate need of something fresh and original pick this CD up asap. Buy it here. Preview it here.

Jeff Jackson / Music Filter

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