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Sunday, July 13, 2008

RON FRANKLIN - American Songwriter

“...She’s not the type to hang around Natchez long, you understand- she’ll be bringing biscuits to somebody clear over in Bossier City before she’s done. Hell, you get the idea . Like Jeff Evans would say, I don’t have to draw you a picture.” On many occasions, it is best to let an artist speak for himself. The above passage is not from a Ron Franklin song but rather the liner notes of the Marion, Arkansas native’s latest, eponymous effort (Alive). To say that Franklin’s somewhat disembodied blues are populated by rag tag characters doing unexpected things is a pitiful understatement; these carnival visions of life seem to completely envelop Franklin himself, a high-caliber composer, writer and instrumentalist who either reeks of genius or is slightly insane. Simultaneously confounding, triumphant and definitely worth a listen...or two dozen. - American Songwriter

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