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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

HACIENDA - Bearded Magazine

A band of 60s-lovin’ Beach Boys-obsessed Mexican-Americans from south-central Texas who weld candycane melodies to sure-footed, ballsy rock bravura… Confused? You won’t be. From first note to last, Loud Is The Night is rammed with youthful rock and roll that flails around like a nun with a fork in her eye, raw riffs tussling with sleek 60s harmonies and intricate pop melodies to create something that’s more than a little special.

Crafting similarly tumbledown rough-n-ready rawk to the likes of Dr. Dog and The Black Keys (the latter of whom are credited for mentoring the band and helping them record this album), Hacienda’s sound rolls effortlessly from the jaunty jangle of ‘Useless & Tired’ to tub thumping good-time rock n’ roll that sounds rawer than Tom Waits after smoking several tea bags wrapped in newspaper, most notably on highlights ‘She’s Got A Hold On Me’ and ‘Shake Ya’.

Naysayers may scoff that at its shamelessly derivative sound, but anyone looking for a little shimmy and joyfully retro bounce could do a lot worse than sidling up to a copy of this debut and giving it a right good seeing to.

Oli Simpson / Bearded Magazine

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