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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY new album "Universal Malcontents"

OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY new album "Universal Malcontents"
to be released February 17th on Alive Naturalsound records

"Universal Malcontents" is Outrageous Cherry ninth release, and this new set of pop songs once again showcases the band's distinctive mid-seventies sensibilities. The album is evocative of artists such as early Roxy Music, Mott the Hoople, Sparks, 10cc and Eno, and meanders at times into the improvisational realms charted by Amon Duul 2, Man, and early Soft Machine.

Hailing from Detroit, and named after a bright red hair dye, Outrageous Cherry has reached well-deserved cult status by releasing amazing psych/pop albums on labels such as Bar None, Mind Expansion, and Alan McGee's Poptones, to name just a few. Many of their songs have appeared in movies, and their cover version of "Lord Have Mercy on Me", recorded for Fat Possum's Junior Kimbrough's tribute album, graced the opening credits of the film "Black Snake Moan".

Main man singer/songwriter Matthew Smith has also produced albums for the Go, Nathaniel Mayer, Paul "Wine" Jones, and others, and has played with Epic Soundtracks, Andre Williams, the Witches, and Destroy All Monsters. Guitarist Larry Ray was a member of 70's Detroit rockers the Ivories, and played with legendary psych/folk guitarist Ted Lucas (Spike Drivers/Misty Wizards). Bassist Sean Ellwood was a member of the Cyril Lords and Reptile Forcefield, while drummer Samantha Linn has played with Little Claw and the Arch Mystics.

The first pressing of "Universal Malcontents" comes on orange vinyl and is limited to 800 copies and is now available from Bomp mailorder.

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