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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

LEFT LANE CRUISER -, Rhapsody, Revue Magazine

Sounding like a meaner North Mississippi All-Stars or a more boogan Melvins, the duo that composes this Fort Wayne, Indiana, band Left Lane Cruiser purveys a wicked brew of electric slide guitar and Zeppelin-sized drums. Both members sing like pissed-off truck drivers in desperate need of an adult superstore, summoning a turbocharged brand of swampy southern rock, juke-joint blues and garage punk. With a new album titled "Bring Yo Ass to the Table," this is one band that won't be bothered by the passing trains outside the Gaslight Tavern. -

Place Muddy Waters, AC/DC, The Black Keys and ZZTop in a blender and hit frappe, the resulting sound might come close to the music Left Lane Cruiser grinds out on stage. On April 20, The Boathouse in Saugatuck continues to showcase diverse acts when this rugged whiskey fueled duo hits the stage in a show sponsored by New Holland Brewery.

Unfamiliar with Left Lane Cruiser? Check out their newly released album Bring Yo’ Ass to the Table. Immediately, the head bobbing begins as the sweet twang slowly builds to a blasting garage-band sound. This driving hard rock, blues is the simple combo of Joe Evans on lead vocals and guitar and Brenn Beck on percussion. I say percussion only because Beck makes his sound on any instrument he can get his hands on, ranging from the harmonica to trash cans found in the back alley. Not sold yet? Listen to the track “Big Mama” on your porch with a beer, and you’ll be inspired to check their live show at The Boathouse.

Beck adds his gravelly voice to the mix as backup and sometimes lead vocals. Joe, on lead vocals, takes the song “Big Mama” and transforms non-enthusiasts of Southern Blues into immediate fans. His voice, although gritty and rough, still has that down home smoothness reminiscent of Elvis with the scorching slide guitar beckoning all to dance.

Although Joe originally hails from Ann Arbor don’t expect that to affect his Mississippi musical style at all. LLC comes to play, and they play hard and won’t stop until every person in the room in stomping their feet to the sweat-drenched duo on stage. “Too many towns, people are afraid to get their feet moving, and cut loose. We would definitely like to see more people shakin’ their [bottoms] and having a good time.” says Brenn. “More than anything, we love it when people get rowdy and have a good time.” - Ian McLellan / Revue Magazine

Left Lane Cruiser hail from Fort Wayne Indiana, and create their harp-augmented, blues-sludge-trash swamp stomps in the now widely accepted duo format. They’re more Keys-like than Stripes-like, and while I can’t guarantee actual guitar players will agree with me, I detect more personality and songs-that-seem-like-songs-not-merely-riffs on their third album Bring Yo' Ass to the Table than any on Keys album I’ve heard. Though admittedly somewhat monochromatic (an EP could've sufficed), it’s highly percussive nonetheless, sporting a thick and hardy Billy Gibbons slide tone and some convincing ZZ haw-haw-haws. The most memorable songs are the one where they discuss pork and beans and mashed potatoes and the one where Amy's in the kitchen (which has the closest thing to an identifiable melody, plus a good Dr. John-style vocal grumble). Mashed taters make an appearance in "Big Mama” as well -- so clearly, eating is a priority. - Rhapsody

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