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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Since I first reviewed Buffalo Killers’ debut album and their subsequent stop in our studio for their live session, the boys from Cincy have opened for the Black Crowes and hooked up with Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys to produce their second album, Let It Ride.

Let’s just say that working with Dan Auerbach agrees with the band. While the first disc was good in its own right, Let It Ride has more life to it - loads more soul and hints of early 70s blues-boogie that bands like Faces, The Stones and Grand Funk were banging out with regularity.

The main difference between this album and the debut is the confidence in Zach Gabbard’s vocals. He has more swagger. I don’t know if it’s due to Auerbach’s production, Gabbard maturing as a singer, or just the influence of listening to Chris Robinson on a daily basis, but he sounds outstanding.

The album opens with a big, juicy bass line on “Get Together Now Today, a song that rambles along with Gabbard delivering the goods. I was gobsmacked after that tune. I was then smacked across my face by the title track that sent furious guitar licks busting out of my speakers. Other standouts include “On The Prowl” and the relatively chilled out “Heart In Your Hand.”

I really liked the debut, but Let It Ride is is loads better. The album is a more complete effort. I was tempted to say that the album is more polished or refined, but that description is an impossibility when describing Buffalo Killers. I mean, look at the cover art. They are savages.- Woody/HearYa

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