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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


All this political stuff has got me down. Watching all those people get jazzed up when people say "thanks but no thanks," and mean, "heck yeah, we'll take it," makes me realize I don't really understand the way other people think in this crazy country. Until I hear a band like Thomas Function. They're from Alabama, and I 100% get them. Not only do I get them, I goddamn love em. With a first record out on Fat Possum and a spankin new record, Celebration, out on Alive, these guys are as American as it gets. Taking punk rock, country, blues, new wave and garage rock and throwing them in a melting pot turned up to 11 and draped with the stars and stripes, "Filthy Flowers" and "Conspiracy" make me want to put my hand over my heart and raise up my Budweiser and say America, this one's for you. Which I will be able to do when they're on tour this fall. - Christen Thomas / RCRD LBL

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