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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

HACIENDA - Doctor Mooney's 115th Dream

Here we go again patients, it’s that time again at the 115th Dream when we stick by our rock ‘n roll stethoscopes and fight for the liberation of good music. Today we have a band of brothers (and cousin) hailing from the Alamo city, San Antonio Texas. A sound that’s infectin’ the halls of the asylum. Patients, if yer ears are plannin' on addin' a little bit of new music to their day then they better be listenin' to these guys. The name of the band is Hacienda and their sound radiates laid back cosmic dreamscapes and beautiful neo-retro note clusters that bleed through the grooves. If you were mad enough to take the elements of The Beatles, Beach Boys, The Band and mix ‘em up in a rock ‘n roll cauldron you would get Hacienda’s new album Loud Is The Night. This quartet has a knack for four part harmonies and that 60s AM dial sound-but in a 21st Century way. A sound that puts a good number of these 'throwback' bands in a day care center. - Doctor Mooney's 115th Dream

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